Where do you hide your Christmas presents?

Where to hide Christmas Pressies!

Tots100 are running a competition to win a Hudl.  All they want to know is 'Where do you hide your Christmas presents?'

So here's my entry :

Max has only just turned 2 so we are still getting away with hiding his Christmas presents in plain site.

If the present is in box which is not obvious to what is inside then we have managed to squeeze it on top of the already overflowing wardrobe (Oh my days it looks worse in a photo)!!

If the present is loose or shown on the box then we've hidden these in our bedroom in the storage box or the wardrobes.

Yes, Chunky there is currently living on top of my clothes.
Toys hiding in the wardrobe

As for daddy - well his presents are hidden at my workplace and some may still be in the shop....

And as for me, well I don't go looking for my presents anymore - not since I was about 10 years old.  Hard to believe I know, but one year I had asked mum for some roller boots (shush it now, showing my age!!), anyway, I had been told these were very expensive and I wouldn't be getting any this year, and as I knew our money was very very tight I accepted this.

One day I went snooping around for my present and I found the roller boots under my mum's bed!  I was so overjoyed and excited.... until Christmas day came and I had to fake my excitement all over again and I just know my mum knew I was faking it.  I think I kind of ruined it for her so from that year on I never went snooping again!  I like to keep the surprise for Christmas Day.

Anyway, what were we talking about.............

This rambling post is an entry into the Hudl Christmas Cheer Competition


  1. it does get tricky finding hiding places for xmas pressies. How funny about the roller boots! Good luck in the comp xxx


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