Our winter days out

So didn't we have lovely weather in between Christmas and New Year !!! (NOT!)

Bluebell railway
As daddy and I both work I was really looking forward to spending days out with Max whilst we were off over Christmas but the weather had other plans!

After lots of craft days, movies, and visiting friends we finally got a break and had a dry day so we went off to the Bluebell Railway

Oh, my days was it cold!  But we were out and we were on a steam train and Max was having fun doing exactly what we did as kids..... sticking his head out the window.... sucking the fresh air??!!

As you can see he loved it and I loved the Harry Potter feel of the train and daddy well he loved sticking his head out too.

Unfortunately, for us, we only managed to get to the next station as the bad weather had caused a landslide further up the track, but to be honest that 15-minute ride was more than enough for Max.  By the ride back he'd have enough of the fresh and was sitting on my lap watching Tangled on my phone!!

Steam Trains at Bluebell Railway
Isn't it fabulous

Bluebell railway
Practising selfies

A couple of days of rain again and then we caught a break in the weather so wrapped up warm, put on our wellies and popped down the beach to look for starfish.

When I say 'we' that was daddy and I was fascinated with the amount of starfish, crabs and shells that had washed up - Max was more interested in filling his bucket with pebbles.

We went down the beach at 3 in the afternoon after a morning of rain and we stayed down there until the sun started to set - I do love where we live and think we are so lucky to be on the beach at 3.40 in the afternoon and home by 3.50 all snug and warm and watching Toy Story.

Looking for crabs on Worthing Beach

Looking for crabs on Worthing Beach

Shells we found on Worthing Beach in Sussex

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