Review: Weekend Box Club

We were recently sent an activity set from Weekend Box club to review and I must admit I think this is a great idea!!

The Weekend Box club was set up when the founders were becoming frustrated with trying to buy gifts for their niece and nephew and "wanting to buy something education, yet fun, something that stimulated creativity and not something plasticky made in a factory".

Details showing what's inside the fab craft box from the creators of Weekendbox

Inside the box you will find:
*  Something to Cook
*  Something to Make
*  Something to Explore &
*  Something Green.

Everything you need is in your box including completion stickers and a certificate.

We are half way through our box and will be baking cookies and planting next weekend.  (Tummy bugs stopped play on Sunday!)

One of our activities was to make a leaf wreath and with mummy's supervision (ok and a lot of enthusiasm!) we followed the instructions for completing our wreath.  These were very straightforward and easy to follow and everything in the pack is colour coded for quick reference.

It was great to see Max getting so involved with the project as he is only coming up to 2 and a half so he's a wee bit young, but that didn't stop him.  I even got daddy drawing out the leaf shapes.

Details showing what's inside the fab craft box from the creators of Weekendbox

Details showing what's inside the fab craft box from the creators of Weekendbox

Each task varies in skill and time and is a great way of using up the weekend with creativity.  The added bonus to these projects is everything is supplied for you so it doesn't matter if you don't have a lot of craft materials or baking materials or even craft-minded.

Max stays with his grandma two days a week whilst I'm at work and I think I will be joining the Weekend Box club subscription so he has extra activities to do with Grandma.

Weekend Box Club
You can also try out the Weekend Box and get your first box FREE (including free delivery) with the promo code RACHAEL65 each box after this will cost £7.50 (billed monthly).  You just need to join the club at

I received an activity box from Weekend Box club to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received.


  1. Ohh how fab! We did ours a couple of weeks ago...Nice to see the different activities!

  2. fab review! So glad you liked it too. Hope the tummy bugs all better now. xxx

    1. Thank you, luckily just 24 hour bug


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