My Fab Car Boot Finds

I never really used to be into car boots much but this is mainly because (pre-child) they used to start in the middle of the night - 6.30am and by the time I dragged my backside out of bed - they'd be nearly over or all the best stuff is gone.

So now I get up in the middle of the night at weekends and have since ventured out and around the car boots - and there are some bargains to be had!

We usually pick up bits for Max - Dinosaurs, puzzles and more than likely spider-man... but on occasion, there are items for upcycling - photo frames and mirrors are my favourites finds but last weekend I found a couple of lovely little bits that don't fit into any of the above.

For those who know me know that Stand by Me is my all time favourite movie and to find River Phoenix Biography book - well I was shocked the woman was selling it!  And as for my little TARDIS lockable tin box - well everyone loves a bit of Dr Who no?

So here is what I spent my £1 on that day - what a great day!

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  1. I used to love 'stand by me' too. it was the first 'grown up' ish film that I watched when i was younger. And yes - definitely LOVE Dr who - what a fab find! x


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