Buying Prescription Glasses online

Where to buy prescription glasses
I have to admit I've never bought prescription glasses online before, thought about it as I've not always fancied the glasses available at my opticians but felt obliged to buy from them anyway as I've had my check done with them!!

When in fact, all I have to do is ask for my prescription then I'm free to buy where I want, so when Firmoo asked me if I'd like to review their glasses and service I thought that this was the ideal time to test out buying prescription glasses online!

Well, that was easier said than done!  There is a lot of choices and by various means!  Shape, Material, Frame and size - also (and my favourite) option is to have a pair of prescription sunglasses!

How to use online sites for ordering prescription glasses

So, after spending a good hour (and possibly more) having a shop around I finally settled on the Burgundy/Pink Sunglasses - I love these, I've definitely NOT seen these in my usual opticians - I know this as I had to go back to them this week to get a copy of my prescription.

Next step is ordering!  I added my glasses to my cart and was immediately presented with various options - don't be put off (like I almost was!) None of it is scary and you should have all the info you need to hand - if you have your prescription in front of you.

How to use online sites for ordering prescription glasses

Once over the shock of the form and how easy it actually is to fill in, you can choose your tint colour and darkness - for free then you are presented with your order summary.

That is not bad, is it?  I don't know why I have taken so long to do this, but I am impressed with the number of options Firmoo give you to customise your glasses.

Once ordered I was regularly updated via email on the status of my order and before long .... these turned up...

Presentation pack Firmoos glasses come in
Aren't they FAB!!!!

When you receive your fantastic glasses you will also receive a wonderful case, as per the one shown above, spectacle case, cleaning cloth AND a tiny screwdriver - far more than a flimsy case from my local opticians I can tell you!

I chose the purple tint for my glasses and have spent the entire weekend with them on, and received many compliments on my glasses and surprise when I tell people I ordered them online!

And to finish off their customer service Firmoo offer First Pair Free Program 
So, if you've never ordered online before Firmoo is a good place to start, you won't be disappointed with your delivery. I definitely wasn't!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of prescription glasses from Firmoo to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received


  1. Ooh they look lovely. I love my prescription sunglasses too. I always struggle with fitting - and i end up back at the opticians numerous times for adjustments which is what has put me off trying online ones up til now. x

    1. Would recommend Firmoo Rebecca, was very pleased with the service :D


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