Does Love Hurt?

I don't think it does, but someone told me at the weekend that when you love someone deeply you take the rough with the smooth.  I'm not going to get into it with them as at the end of the day - it's just someone's opinion that I don't happen to agree with.

In my opinion it does not hurt.  My partner has never hurt me and he'd be mortified if he thought he had.

If I was a teenager crushing on 1D, a film star or a boy in school then yes, I'd probably think 'love' did hurt, my heart yearning and aching to be touched, kissed and wanted by someone out of my reach.....

If I was with my soul mate and they were hurting in some way then yes of course I'd hurt too.

But a healthy relationship, should that hurt?

My previous relationship was a hurtful one, not physically but mentally.  Telling me my arse looked big (in everything) hurt.  Telling me I was stupid for the simplest of errors - hurt.  Criticising my friends and alienating us against them - hurt.  THAT is not love!  That is mental bullying and it happens slowly and like a weed sets in deep and spreads until you have no self worth left and can not live without your 'love' and it's not for fear of being alone but the thought of more what they would do, say or act if you said you'd had enough!!

So does love hurt?

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