Extreme Stunt Show - Beach Green

Extreme Stunt Show - Lancing
Admiring the Monster Trucks
Just up the road from us is a nice big bit of green near the beach and this year we decided to attend the Extreme Stunt Show which is sometimes held there.

Extreme Stunt Show
Parade has started
The show started at 7.30, you know.... bed time, so we kept Max up!  How I'm not sure but we got down to the green in good timing and there were loads of people there already.  The atmosphere was great and had a good 'local' feel to it.

All the trucks had been placed round in a circle to make an enclosure for us with a centre ring for all the trucks, cars and motorbikes.

The 'boys' loved it!

Noisy motorbikes, cars on 2 wheels and men walking through and on fire.

Extreme Stunt Show - Lancing
Who needs 4 wheels....

Extreme Stunt Show - Lancing
My favourite part of the show

Extreme Stunt Show - Lancing
There would be no stunt show without fire....

We even got an interval!  It soon started to get dark and at the end of the show the monster trucks came out........ and Max fell asleep!! Certainly not because it was boring or because the truck got a flat tyre..... but because it was 9pm and our boy couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.

The tickets cost around £20 and I think it was good fun, great crowd and nice & local.

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