Currys Movie Night Competition


Currys are running a competition for bloggers to win a home cinema sound system.  All you need to do is let them know what your favourite movie soundtrack is.

Now I have a few movies that I love the music too, the iconic ones such as Pretty In Pink, Greece and Dirty Dancing but for me, I would choose the whole soundtrack to Lost Boys!  Back in the day (yeah showing my age) I bought that soundtrack!

The Frog brothers had some of the best lines
From the Theme Song to People are Strange, I love to settle down for the evening and be entertained, in fact even today if I hear either of these songs I think of Lost Boys and smile.

I can't really pick a favourite song from the soundtrack - but if pushed I think Cry Little Sister would possible come out on top, the theme song - but just looking at the listing below and I could pick any one of them and the scene it relates to.

01. INXS and Jimmy Barnes -- Good Times
02. Lou Gramm -- Lost in the Shadows
03. Roger Daltrey -- Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
04. INXS  -- Laying Down the Law
05. Echo & the Bunnymen -- People Are Strange
06. Gerard McMann -- Cry Little Sister (Theme from The Lost Boys)
07. Eddie & the Tide -- Power Play
08. Tim Cappello -- I Still Believe
09. Mummy Calls -- Beauty Has Her Way
10. Thomas Newman -- To the Shock of Miss Louise

Now I'm sitting here listening to this soundtrack I'm off to track down the film to watch it.  To me, it's an iconic part of my youth from the music, the quotes and the lads.

I could just quote everything here too from 'It's only noodles, Michael, to Cool it Nanook'.

But possibly the most important piece of information that every vampire fearing human should know:

Max: Don't ever invite a vampire into your house, you silly boy.  It renders you powerless.

So there we are my ramblings of why Lost Boys is my favourite soundtrack and my entry to Curry's Movie Night Competition.

The original trailer - for those of you who think all vampires sparkle..........


  1. I love it! INXS were amazing too. That's my music for the evening sorted ^_^

    1. :) I went and found the film on Sky Demand after writing this lol


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