Understanding Car Seat Groups


I remember when we were looking to buy a car seat for our baby before he was born and being left slightly confused with all the group codes.  Now, 3 years on and I find myself looking at the coding for the car seats again as our ageing and fading seat could probably do with an upgrade.

I found a fantastic wealth of information on RoSPA's Child Car Seat site, which outlines exactly what weight range each group code means with approximate ages as a guide too.  For me, the weight is definitely more important as our son was always in the 98th centiles when going for check-ups, and even now can be mistaken for a 5-year-old.... he's only just turned 3!

Using the information I researched, I decided to create my own infographic to help me decide what group my boy would now fit into best.

I weighed my son tonight and he is exactly 40lb so that's Group 1 seats out then - and the age range is up to 4 years old, which is why it is important to know your weights.  So for me, I have the choice between at Group 1,2,3 seat or a high back Group 2 Booster Seat.  (I'm not comfortable with just a booster cushion at this age).

There is a good range of car seats on offer at Tesco and the category sorter is by Group and Type.  It also has the weight in brackets but it's Kilos only and I'm old school and still work in pounds.....   Sorting the seats by Group 1-2-3 gave me a very impressive 101 seats!

I've decided that our next car seat will be a Group 2 - 3 high back booster seat, and again I have a choice of 92 seats on the Tesco website.  With 17 reviews and a rating of 4.7 I would be very tempted by the Recaro Milano seat, not just because of the reviews and rating, but also because our current seat is a Recaro.

Hopefully, the infographic may be of use to others when faced with various group codes to decipher, in the end, I did find it helpful!

Disclaimer: Written for Tesco, all wording is my own.
Please ask permission if you wish to use my infographic

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