Letters to my son - Parties

Dear Son,

It appears to be the season of parties for you at the moment.  It all started in September when you received an invitation to Kathryn's 3rd birthday party at her house.  You loved it, Kathryn loves you and everyone had a great time.  You handed over Kathryn's present so graciously, you learnt to play pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey.
Learning the rules to pass the parcel
One month later was YOUR birthday party!  This was the first year we held a party for you, and we held it at Wickers which is a fabulous local gymnastics hall which is specifically built for gymnastics only so it was shoes and socks off and onto the spongy floor.
Gymnastics Center
Enjoying the foam pit with daddy
Singing happy birthday under the parachute
You loved it, your friends loved it and the adults were often caught bouncing on the flooring.  We went with a dinosaur theme and mummy may have gone a wee bit overboard with the cake.... I didn't make it (I'm sure you know by now that mummy can't bake and if I do bake cakes - I've so been on a master class!), what I did was source out a great baker for you and I kid you not boy, your cake was the size of a baby dino!
Life size baby dinosaur cake
It went down very well and you were quite upset the day he disappeared from the kitchen, as we didn't cut the cake at your party - not sure how cutting the head off would go down.....

So that was yours, and yesterday you went to James' party at PLAY in town - daddy took you and you had a fantastic time!  You basically spent 2 hours running around with a bit of grub in between.  Now, I have it on good authority that Emily is 'Your girl' (your words), I find this rather cute until you then said Kathryn was also your girlfriend.... and Libby.  We may need to have words.

Taking your girlfriend for a drive (We have the un-blurred version on the PC, don't worry)
Anyway, you have 3 more birthday parties to go to this side of Christmas and 1 wedding reception (obviously not yours, unless that's where you were taking Emily on the bus).
Party Time
You're totally embracing the party atmosphere, shopping for presents for your friends and generally being a great friend and playing lovely once you're at the party.  I'm so proud of you, you have made many friends at nursery and I can see why, you're a lovely little lad to know.

Enjoy these parties and being a kid Max, these really are the best times.

All my love



  1. what a busy boy. Hope he enjoys his party season and I hope you get to go to some grown up parties too in the run up to Christmas. x

    1. Thanks Rebecca, he even got a party bag from the wedding reception! haha


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