Learning through play with H&A

Learning through play with H&A
The reason my boy doesn't like getting out the bath!
Bath time in our house used to be a bit hit and miss, but since we've had the alphabet set from H&A it's been a whole new game, coupled with Thomas the tank engine Bath Crayons I now have the new problem of getting him OUT the bath!

I'm all for learning through play and Max learnt his numbers mainly through sticker albums!  It started with Spider-man then progressed on to dinosaurs and animal stickers and over time we learnt what the numbers on the back were and now these come fluently to him.

So the natural progression for us is letters, a bit more complicated and more to learn so the H&A alphabet set works wonders for us.  These are good size letters for little hands and because they are foam they stick to the bath, tiles, his back (which he finds highly amusing).

Learning through play with H&A foam letters
Bath time fun with H&A
The main letters my 3-year-old knows are M.A.X.W and S (the S is thanks to the Reading Eggs we've just started on).  I finished off his name for him and he had this as a template on the bath and armed with his crayons he started to copy the letters on the tiles which he thought was great - writing on the walls AND being allowed to!

Learning through play with H&A foam letters
Starting with his name we are learning our alphabet
Learning through play with H&A foam letters and crayons
Excitement at being allowed to draw on the walls.....
I don't push it with the letters in the bath, we play with these first then have a hair wash then it's free reign with anything and everything and usually, it involves his dinosaur which is neither the ideal size or indeed a bath toy!

Once we've completed the mammoth task of agreeing to get OUT, the letters get scooped up in the pot and turned upside down.  The holes in the lid help drain the water and keep the letters fresh.

Learning through play with H&A foam letters and tub
Having just as much fun with the pot!
H&A bath time products have been around since 1988 and have a variety of characters in their inventory, not just Thomas but Frozen, Sponge Bob and Matey to name a few.

Learning through play with H&A bathtime fun
Disclaimer: I was sent H& Alphabet Set to review.
All words and opinions are my own and not influenced by the product received.


  1. Oh, my kids would love all of this! They love bath-time, it's never a calming, wind-down affair here, always full of fun!


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