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Handmade POP! shelf
This year we are hoping to move by the end of summer so that we are nearer family and in the right catchment area for one of three schools I'd like Max to attend next year.  I can not believe I've started thinking about schools already!  As we are currently in a rented property thanks to pre-2008 life fails, we can move pretty much when we want.

Oh but there is a but!

Unlike owning your own home, in rented there may be conditions and terms - the landlords tend to frown on you knocking down walls, some do not like, or at the very least insist you check first if you want to paint the walls!  But not all, some landlords appreciate this is going to be a place for you to call home, so will allow shelving and pictures to be placed on the walls.  They may ask that the holes left are filled when you move again, but that is not unreasonable.  So with that being said, just because we are renting doesn't mean I can't make the house our home!

Home Sweet Home Cushion from FunkyInteriors.com
Now those who read my blog (or just notice the header up there.....) will know I'm a bit of a geek and love to up-cycle old and unwanted furniture to give them a unique funky theme.  To me, it's these little pieces of the interior that make your house your home.  You don't have to make the pieces yourself, there are little gems out there to be bought if like me you like Funky Interiors.

I have had a great look around the site FunkyInteriors.com, and love that there are some really great pieces for each area of the house and for all budgets.  I loved it so much that I ended up making a mood board for my 'New Kitchen Wish List' and also created a Pinterest board for all items I'd choose for our new home....for quick reference when we move.

Funky Interior Kitchen Wish List
If I had to pick just one item though (and yes, I know it's a DC item)..... It would have to be the Batman Neon Light!  How cool is this?!

Batman Neon Light as seen on FunkyInteriors.com

So what do you think?  Have you seen anything that attracts your funky side?


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