Letters to my son - Early Learning

I have a blog that is specifically written for my son.  Sometimes I like to share on RachaelJess.com posts I've written to him, here is my latest letter to my son.

Dear Maxwell,

This month you are 3 and 4 months and I'm so proud to be telling you that you can now write your own name!  We have gone from M.A.X written backwards to M.A.X.E.  This progressed on to M.A.X.E.L.L, you seem to dislike the W, we've tried several weeks to introduce this letter but you were having none of it.  In fact, you were writing it way away from your name as if it had been naughty and needed to be on its own........ But finally, we now have M.A.X.W.E.L.L. being written and I'm so so proud of you.  I've been proud of you since writing the letter M and even disowning the W.

Learning to write his name
Along with writing your name you also have 1 - 10 completed sussed and now working on 11 - 20, we're also using these numbers to learn how to tell the time although we have only focused on the big hand so far, and you rather enjoy learning the '5 minutes left' and noting the time so you know when actually, we've let you have more than 5 minutes.......

We also have an evening routine in which if you clean your teeth and put your PJs on you get to spend some time on the laptop and your favourite 'game' at the moment is - Reading Eggs!  We have just started with this and you love it, I love that it's learning and a lovely way to chill out before bed.

Love you, little man, always proud of you.


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