Octonauts come to Worthing

I seriously need to register with my local theater house for their newsletter as I keep missing out on rather good shows!  Fortunately, and only just, I managed to get a family ticket to see the Octonauts at Worthing's Connaught theatre.

Now I say just because we got the last 4 tickets for Sunday lunchtime!  Saturday was already sold out and the later show was a bit too late for a couple of 3 year olds, so that alone told me this was going to be a popular event!

We met the Octonauts at the end of last year at Chessington, and it was Max's reaction to them that made me realise that he actually a) knows who these guys are are b) rather loves them!  Because we work all week and don't watch them at the weekend, it came to light Max has learnt all about Captain Barnacles and the gang from Grandma.

The show was very well done.  Interaction from a very packed audience made for a lovely atmosphere and a fab little story line.  The first half was about 40 minutes long and when we came back the affects of the deep deep sea was brilliant!  Max's friend Kathryn was a wee bit concerned as it was soo dark, so with her hand on mine she got through it OK.

A theatre hall  packed with children could go either way really, and I believe it is a credit to the Octonauts for keeping the kids attention, getting them doing actions and dancing along to the songs, in fact, I found it quite enjoyable myself!

I'm not at all surprised it's a sell out in my home town and if you have the showing coming to you and thinking about going - do it.  I'm sure you wont be disappointed, we really did have a lovely afternoon.

The only thing I would say is bring your wallet!  The price of the merchandise, like a lot of events and gigs can be a bit high.  The ever so popular 'spinning light thing' (that Max is holding in the photo) cost £8 and yet the rather good sized Sea Turtle cost £10! (far more mileage for your money in my opinion), but of course you're not obliged to by any of it, we did as a nice reminder of a great afternoon.


  1. Octonauts are great - miss T is just getting into the program of it on TV. I didn't realise you are in worthing (i knew you were somewhere near brighton) - my dad's in worthing - small world. x

  2. Oh wow, small world indeed :)
    Miss T would love the live show if she's getting into the program, It's very well done. x


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