Tree Fu Tom Live Tour

Max has loved Tree Fu Tom for a long time now, he's quite established in our little world so I'm rather pleased to hear that Free Fu Tom is touring.  We are hoping to get to see Tree Fu Tom at Horsham and follow the adventures of Tom, Twigs and friends.

The tour is aimed at children between 4 - 8 years old and I'm sure the set of the enchanted world where the magic happens will be a great show for all the family.

The tour starts at Camberley on 4th April and runs until October 28th finishing at Mansfield.  If it's something you feel your little ones will enjoy you can book tickets through the Tree Fu Tom live website.

Below is a little clip of the wonderful world of Treetopolis and I'm very keen to see how this wonderful cartoon comes to life on the big stages, and to see Max's face when Tree Fu Tom comes on stage as Max is always in awe of his favourite characters when he sees them up close.

There is also a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with the Tree Fu Tom and friends and all the latest information regarding the up and coming tour.

Do let me know if you're going to the live show, especially if it's the Horsham one you'll be visiting.

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  1. Miss T has suddenly got into Tree Fu tom whereas it wasn't really about when the boys were younger. Will look out for this. x


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