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Weekend Box club Review
It's hard to believe it's been a year since we last reviewed the Weekend Box, but here we are again a year later and a new box to review.

The Weekend Box is a fabulous little craft subscription box aimed at children aged between 3 - 6 years old.  The box arrives every fortnight and costs £7.50 per box.

Eye-catching cover of the Weekend Box
The box we received is very similar to last year with a theme and 4 different activities to do.  My boy LOVES these boxes.  We usually get at least one activity done over the weekend and depending on weather sometimes 2, it's a great family activity with talking points as to what we are doing, why we are doing it and Max just has fun with it.

Inside the box as pretty as outside
As I mentioned before, we take at least 1 activity to Grandma's house each week as this gives both my son and my mum an activity to share whilst I'm at work, and for this alone I find this kid's craft subscription box worth it.

Our box had a Chinese New Year theme, and we are slowly working our way through our activities with only the fortune cookies to make.

Contents of the Weekend Box
What I have found is some items may benefit from little glue pots rather then blu-tack, such as the drum made with a paper plate and lollipop sticks.  The idea was to stick the lollipop sticks together with blu-tack and then take them onto the plate.  We didn't quite get this to work for us and I did end up getting our glue out.  Max is quite used to glue under adult supervision so I didn't see this as a problem.

I do, however, love how the paint comes in little packets of powder (which appear to be Max proof when he was trying to open it) all you need to do is add a little water and it produces a lovely lot of paint which we then went on and used for other activities.

Paint Powder
Some of the tasks will assume you have certain products at home anyway, but if you have pre-schoolers I'm sure you have a stash of craft materials to hand, so this shouldn't be a problem.  I'm just rather pleased I managed to find a use for the toilet rolls that I appear to be collecting.

Overall my son, who the box is for - absolutely loves receiving these, he loves picking the colour to do as an activity and get stuck in with making our various items.

Max's favourite part - picking the envelope
If you would like to give this craft box a go just click here and you can order your first box FREE using code RACHAEL65.  That's not a bad deal, is it.  Unlike other craft boxes, you will get all 4 activities to complete with your little one FREE!

If you do take up the offer do let me know what you think of the activities.  I think they have pitched it perfectly for 3 - 6-year-olds, and would be interested to hear if you think the same.

Find out more about Weekend Box Club on their Facebook and/or Twitter page.


I received a weekend box to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received.

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  1. we loved ours when we tried them before and went onto subscribe for a while. then the kids got too busy with other stuff at weekends so we didn't get a chance to do all the lovely activities. Will probably sign up again when miss t a bit older. x


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