Mystery Shopping and Product Testing - Part 1

I don't know about you, but my spam box is always full of 'Test this iPad' 'Free Product Review' and 'Be a mystery shopper...' and all of these emails, to me are in the right place - SPAM!  It is because of these emails that I decided to write this post.

There are genuine websites that you can sign up to for free product testing or (and my favourite) for Mystery Shoppers.  Some of the links below may be my personal referral links from the websites (I will mark these with *), but you can always go via the website direct.    But most importantly, none of the websites I belong to would send a cold, blanket email to you asking to join them.

So first up, Product Testing
Bzz Agent
BZZ Agent is a site where you complete various surveys and based on your answers, you will then be matched with new products and services (usually free) to try.  You are then asked to complete tasks based on your opinions of these products.  You do not have to have Twitter, Facebook or a Blog, you can complete your tasks directly on their website.

There may be occasions that you are only offered a discounted price to try a product, but you can always decline these with no effect on your score.  Depending on the product you will either receive the product directly or vouchers to purchase the product.

click research
Click Research have products to review with a slight difference, the products you receive will be in a plain bottle/tube etc so you will not know what brand the product is - which is a great way for you to be completely unbiased.

When you register for this site you will have a lot of surveys to complete.  These are actually called Profiling on this website and this detail is needed to make sure you get the right products to review.  I have recommended this site to a couple of people at work, who only completed a couple of surveys and gave up - if this is you, this is not the website for you.
click research for products to review
The tasks involved in Clicks Research are all web-based by completing questionnaires.  Depending on what the product is, there may be several questionnaires over the product testing period.

I have two Tesco based sites to share with you, the first being The Orchard at Tesco.  This is a relatively new site, and the set up to The Orchard is very similar to BZZAgent.  You can also register your Tesco Clubcard so you can earn points as well as product reviews.

Tesco will send you vouchers to purchase your review item, you will also receive additional money off vouchers to pass on to friends and family.
Tesco Orchard for products to review
You can complete various tasks on this website but it is not a requirement to have a Twitter, Facebook or Blog account.  As you complete tasks your score increases and gives you a higher chance of receiving the next program.

Tesco home panel for products to review
The second website I use and know of for product reviews is Tesco's Home Panel.  The Home Panel is a website for customers to give their feedback to Tesco on the quality of the products Tesco sell.  This is completed on the website direct.

There may be other websites out there, but those listed above are the ones I know and use.  I am not inundated with products to review but every now and then one of the above will send an email out asking to apply for a new product to review.  It is a controlled email, you have to log into your account to apply.  It is not a generic email from some strange account asking you to 'press this link' to apply.

I hope the above has helped and do let me know if you'll be signing up with any of them, after all, who better to test and review products then the end consumer?

Due to the length of this post, I will post the Mystery Shopper links on a new blog.


  1. Yes I've been doing BzzAgent for over 5 years. Just done the NutriGloss campaign but didn't really like it. And your post has reminded me that I haven't heard from Clicks in years, probably because my profile is way out of date. I was in the camp of finding it too much of a faff, so I might try to de-register. Will have to take a look at some of the others

    1. I've been with clicks for years now, and tend to randomly get an email from them every once in a while, maybe you've changed your email address?

  2. I've unsubscribed from Clicks this eve, but my email was still valid