Wish List for a little boy's Bedroom

All being well, we are moving at the end of April and ignoring all the stress that comes with it, I'm rather excited to have a blank canvas to re-do Max's bedroom, AND this is where Pinterest comes into its own.

I have created a Pinterest board with various pieces that I would love to have in Max's room - obviously, limited funds and space is going to prevent me from purchasing everything (and that's a good thing, I'm sure there is such a thing as Marvel overload....), so what will not be changing is his bedroom furniture & his Spider-man bed.

Along with his upcycled toy boxes I made, we are looking at new storage for his room now we'll have space, so far I've narrowed it down to Ikea's Trofast units, Smiley Face storage from Argos or Ladybird Orlando storage cube from Very.

Wall Decor
As I write this post my boy announces he'd like to have a Batman room when we move..... I'll just ignore that for now....... for me, I would love to have one green wall and a hulk vinyl, but I like to keep my options open and possibly throw this idea out the window if he still wants Batman.....

The Avengers image is from All Posters, the Hulk Vinyl is from the Bonanza website and the fabulous Space Invaders (which may very well end up in the hall) is from Red Candy.

And this, this is the bit I truly can not choose!  I love Bumblebee and I know my boy would too, but he's asked for Hulk or Spider-man both of which can be purchased from TuffleShuffle..... but let's not forget he asked for Batman a few hours ago...... I'm rather loving the Twilight Lady Bug from Glow.  I think I would probably have Hulk if we go for a green wall and Hulk Vinyl image, Spiderman if we went for the space invaders and the Ladybug... well I may just get her anyway!

So this is my ever-growing Pinterest board for Max - I have no idea what, if any, we will buy, but if we do use the board to redecorate his room I'll come back to this post with the finished room.....and now you can see why I'm rather excited to be moving :-)

Do you know of any funky websites we can visit to help us decorate Max's room?



  1. I would love for Little Man to have a superhero themed room when he's older - far too cool! x


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