My top 10 Mother's Day Gifts

For my top Mother's Day gifts this year, I've tried to think about what I'd like to buy for my mother and also what would make a pretty cool gift for a mummy with a geeky side......  That being said I'm always happy with a homemade card and a bunch of flowers picked out the garden.

So here's my unique and a little bit of geek Mother's Day Gifts.

Mother's Day Gifts
Homesense have some lovely fake flowers which will probably survive a lot longer in my home as my green fingers are not so green!  But, I love the glass pot these flowers come in and as it's clear I'm sure even I could look after these ones.

Failing that, Genie Gadgets have some self-watering planters called Ecopods, so as we know mums are the busiest person in the house..... so what better way to help out with a self-watering planter?  I rather like these!
Genie Gadgets
Now for me (and my mum) buying kitchen products as Mother's Day presents is a big no-no, however, if I'm going to have something for the kitchen I want a Fry Love You fried egg on toast as my breakfast in bed please - (along with my teapot of one....) how fabulous would that be?

Genie Gadgets
Spoil mummy with the Applause Store's Kirstie Allsopps' bathroom gift set or/and this fantastic little tin from A Place for Everything - obvious to be filled with my favourite chocolates - which I think should be refilled on random days just to say I love you, mummy....

The Applause Store
A Place for Everything
For something personalised I do love the Tea for One pot and have an Alice in Wonderland one already, but for my mum this year, I'm thinking of buying her the floral birds china Tea for One from Special Moments.

I also like to receive picture frames with a picture already in place as it means the giver has really thought about that gift.  Homesense has some unique and unusual frames and with a week still to go, plenty of time to head down to your nearest store.

Special Moments
For something unique and handmade, Etsy is a fantastic website.  You will need to watch where the supplier is based, for anyone outside the UK may now struggle to get your goods to you for Mother's Day.  For me, I absolutely adore the Steampunk Fairytale locket that glows, and if I'd given him a bit more warning, it's this I'd have loved to own on Mother's Day.

And finally, if you have a wonder mum then how about some wonder woman notes from HomeSense or if you're a little bit cheeky..... a wonder woman hot pants and mug set from Truffle Shuffle?  Both would go do soo well in my household.

Truffle Shuffle
So what do you think?  I think there is something there for all, but especially for those who want something personalised, unique or a just a little bit quirky.


  1. i love these ideas - definitely unique and quirky - especially love the teapot and also those eco pods. x

    1. I love the tea pot, I feel I need one for work :)


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