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COMPETITION NOW CLOSED are currently running a competition until 6th April 2015 where bloggers have a chance to win £200, £100 or £50 Ticketmaster Gift Card.

What you need to do is nip over to their Meme Generator (at the link above) and upload a car-related photo and add a caption to it to make the judges chuckle - so that's me out then!  I am crap at caption competitions!

There is no shortage of car pictures for me to choose from, thanks to Goodwood FOS, Revival and various car shows to name a few, but the image I ended up choosing was the one of Max in his Lightening McQueen car round his grandad's house!  It was a beautiful day, my boy is over the moon with what daddy bought him and to me, it makes me smile.

As per the instructions on screen, I uploaded my picture, added a title and a caption/quote and clicked submit - no idea if it goes off anywhere, but you can download the image.  I think it would be nice to have a gallery on the page so you can see other entries - as I'm sure, as much as I love mine - it's not going to bring the house down is it!

Do let me know if you enter too and feel free to leave a link to your blog so I can check it out.



  1. I love your pic and caption - our son LOVES Lightning McQueen too! Good luck x

  2. this is such a great pic! I saw that comp but I couldn't recall having any car related pics and my creativity has just about dissappeared lately. Good luck with it that really is a great photo. x


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