Heroes of the City Review


Heroes of the City are back
Yes, Heroes of the City are back, and this time with their own Youtube channel.  Last year I wrote a piece on who Heroes of the City were and how you could download an app to play games with the city's heroes (something my son STILL plays with to this day).

Well, now it's time for their own Youtube channel.

And we loved it.
Watching Heroes of the City
This is an animated TV-series which is aimed at preschool children and tells the story of rescue vehicles in a small town, with the underlying teachings of friendship and helping each other.

Max enjoyed the program, I know this as he stayed in from of the PC to watch it rather than wandering off after a couple of minutes, this is always how I can tell if a program is hit or miss with him.  There is also some fun activities on the Youtube channel such as Calamity Crow's Sketch and Guess, which you can view here

Max may have guessed these before me!! I was tired...
 I'm sure it comes to no surprise to anyone, that my favourite program on this new channel is the craft corner, I've discovered a new way to create pompoms!

Knew we kept the old toilet rolls for a reason.......

Do your little heroes love these characters? or even heard of them before?

Win a Heroes of the City Bundle

I have been given a Heroes of the City kit for my little hero and now is your chance to win one for yours too, all I need you to do is complete the Rafflecopter below and you could win a T-shirt, DVD and die-cast car sent directly from Sweden.

You could win a similar bundle
Good Luck xoxo


  1. My son loves Spiderman.

  2. Who is your little one's favourite Hero (super or otherwise) x ....... his daddy 'cos he can do everyhting

  3. I hope she'd say Batman. But right now, it would probably be Peppa Pig.

  4. Iron Man! He loves his suit and glowing 'button' in the middle of his chest!

  5. ironman is my sons favorite this month however it is likely to change like the weather ;)

  6. me of course! Otherwise he likes spiderman

  7. Thomas The Tank Engine


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