Tree Fu Tom is coming to Horsham

Back in February, I wrote a post regarding Tree Fu Tom's live tour and with some luck, we'd be getting tickets for Horsham.  Well, we now have our tickets booked and our event day is in July!  It seems to have come round so quickly.

I've have been chatting with Max about going and he is really looking forward to it.  We've also given him the option to take a friend with us as he's now getting to the age where this is now possible.

I've asked him for a few names just in case his first choice can't make it, and not to be too upset if they have other plans.  To get him even more excited we've watched a few episodes of the new DVD 'Tom Saves The Day'.

These videos hold fond memories for me for when we took Max on his first holiday to America - as Tom came with us and helped us on the plane ride over.

You can find out more about Tom's Tour on the Tree Fu Tom Live Show website - do give me a shout if you're going to the Horsham one too :-)

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