Japan Candy Box Review


Japan Candy Box Review and Giveaway
Japan Candy Box Review and Giveaway
I may have a slight obsession with mystery boxes and just love that the owners of Kawaii Box have come up with a new monthly box subscription - Japan Candy Box!


8 - 10 Japanese sweets and snacks, delivered to your door for $19.90 per month - approximately £12.75 - that's not bad at all is it, sweets.....delivered... to your door!

Now, are you thinking what I was thinking?  How will I know what the sweets are?  Well, you could just treat the whole box as if you were given a Bertie Bott's every flavour bean surprise box and just munch your way through the fabulous goodies (believe me, it's easily done).... or you can just read the little card that comes with the box :-)

Armed with my card I had the most fun working out which item was which, it's not as easy as it sounds - well a picture of a Frog, Pikachu and a Koala did help but what I may be a teeny bit guilty of... I ate most of it as I was unboxing...  'Just a taster' I thought, followed by 'oh that's nice'.... the box does not disappoint - it really is a great way to sample new and tasty sweets and snacks.

My son's favourite

My favourite

Rather yum and lasted about 30 seconds!
Let's be honest, we're going to end up making blobs just to eat it! ;-)

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