Tree Fu Tom Live at Horsham - The Review

I mentioned in my previous post how we were looking forward to visiting Tom and his friends at the live stage show in Horsham, and oh it did not disappoint my son! On Saturday we took a trip to Treetopolis which just so happened to be located in Horsham.

Once at Treetopolis, we were greeted by Tom, Twigs and the gang for an hour and a half live show which involved singing, dancing and of course the mischievous mushrooms.

As an adult I found the show watch-able, slightly amusing and rather loud - but, my review is not for adults (as such), my review is based on how I observed my son - my 3-year-old Tom fan and what he loved about the show - pretty much everything.
Tree Fu Tom Live at Horsham
Tree Fu Tom Live at Horsham
Once the lights went down, behind the logo you could make out Tom and he's doing his dance moves.  This is rather exciting, with eyes wide open and sitting forward in his seat, my son sat glued to the spot!
Tree Fu Tom Live at Horsham
Tree Fu Tom Live at Horsham
My boy sat and listened to everything Tom had to say.  He watched as Tom spoke to him, as Twigs and Ariela introduced themselves, but my usual chatting outgoing boy went shy!  It was rather cute to watch, his smile was so big and he'd nod at Tom whenever asked a question but wasn't quite ready to shout out.

After around 45 minutes we had an interval, maybe 5 minutes longer than needed in my option, a 20-minute break is quite a long time for little ones and you could feel them getting a bit antsy in their seats.  Soon the lights went down and when the mischievous Muschas came on stage with the stolen map (Opps Spoiler Alert), my shy lad started shouting at them!  Oh yes, he'd found his voice and his confidence and was up shouting with the rest of the audience.  My boy was having a great time!

The second half was shorting than the first by around 10/15 minutes and I'm sure my boy would have sat there another 2 hours if he could!  The show ended with singing and dancing and left everyone with a real feel-good factor.
Tree Fu Tom Live at Horsham
Tree Fu Tom Live at Horsham
From a fan of a 3.5-year-old - This was a brilliant success and if you have a preschooler who loves to watch Tree Fu Tom, this is one show they will totally enjoy.
Disclaimer: I received tickets to Tree Fu Tom from Bennett PR to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced over products received.

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