Fandom Friday - 5 Halloween Items I cannot wait to Purchase / Make

I do love reading the Fandom Friday posts over at Female Geek Bloggers network; this week the theme is Pumpkin items I cannot wait to purchase, but I've adapted this one to Halloween items that I can't wait to buy/make :-)

1. Pumpkin!
Slindon have the best selection of Pumpkins to offer and as from 1st October the new display will be open to the public and I can't wait to take my boy up there to pick out his pumpkin.

 2. Wands
We made some wands last year from random sticks we'd gathered whilst collecting conkers - I'm looking forward to digging these ones out and maybe making a few more... one can never have too many wands!

3. Zombies
Think I'll sneak these out into the front garden once the little one is in bed - although judging by the reviews it looks like I'll have to get the headstone separately!

4. Ping Pong Ghost Balls
I am a crafting blogger after all.... don't these ghosts look fantastic?  I'm off to source some balls now, I only have a month to go.....

5. Turning Spock into a spook!
I love this - nuff said!

Right, back on eBay for ping pong balls.............


  1. Those ping pong ghosts are super cute I may have to make some myself xoxo


    1. They are fab aren't they! I must go on the hunt for some this weekend x

  2. The ping pong ghosts are my favourite out of the five! They look like so much fun.


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