When Zippos Circus came to town

Mesmerised by Zippos Circus 
I often see a circus tent pop up on one of the greens near where we live, I see them, I walk past them and sometimes wonder if they've all but died a death these days?  When I was a kid and the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I distinctly remember going to a big top as large as my house and seeing a woolly mammoth and sabre-toothed tigers.... Ok, so I'm not that old but there were lions and tigers, and such has changed (for the better!!) that it did leave me wondering .....

What does the circus have to offer these days?

I then started to have images of American Horror Story and Jessica Lange singing in her German accent to David Bowie...... It's about now that I realise a) I over react, b) I watch too much TV and c) I have no idea what the Circus has to offer these days..........

So I booked us tickets to see Zippos Circus at Brighton.

And we bloody loved it!!

There were horses, budgies and a cheeky little dog, the rest were very much human - maybe slightly crackers, but human non the less.

We had amazing acrobats, gold medal balancers leaving you with your jaw on the floor and my favourite the globe of terror motorbikes - LOVE THEM!!!

Basically, it was brilliant, it did not disappoint.  I didn't hold out much hope that it was going to be any cop whatsoever, but it was lovely.  My son spent half the time on the edge of his seat with his mouth open turning to me every now and then to say 'I'm going to do that when I'm older'...... Bloody Daredevil!

Total spoiler alert - below are some of the videos we took from the day - enjoy :-)


When was the last time you visited the circus?

Norman Barrett MBE.

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