Look in my Letterbox #4

Look in my letterbox weekly post

I know, I know, I've been slacking with my favourite linky lately!  I've had a couple of pieces through the post such as a washing powder measuring jug and a magazine, but other than that it's been slim pickings mainly due reduced spending.

Until now!

So quick update for my new readers - Alice runs a brilliant linky each week called....... Look in my Letterbox!  I love it!  As a blogger, comper and well nosey person really, I love seeing what others have received in the post and pick up tips along the way, be it penpals, freebies or opinions on reviews.  So this is my 4th post to #LIML, a week I feel I can actually contribute properly.

What did I get?
Look in my letterbox 4 - Making Bracelets
Blanks for making bracelets with
I have been hunting everywhere for bracelet blanks!  Do you know how hard it is to find affordable blanks?  Ever since the summer when I picked up a stamping kit from the car boot for a few quid I've wanted to make my son a bracelet - well 2 actually, with mine and my partner's phone numbers on and this week I finally found the perfect material.

Thanks to Etsy!

So now when we're out my son gets to wear his bracelet and I get peace of mind!
Creating bracelets and peace of mind

What exciting goodies came through your door this week?


  1. I hate super slow weeks on post! The bracelet looks fab, you are so crafty!

    1. I've fallen out with Amazon so I may not get any from now on :*(

  2. I've got a ring like this with the date I met my other half! I love that you can make it yourself your super crafty
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML

    1. Aw thanks Alice, I have a little confession... I didn't create this one, my partner did. I have since created a couple more though :)


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