The iconic James Bond Cars

For those who know me will know I have a love for cars and after all, it is this love to drive which is how I met my partner.  So when I was given an infographic based on the Bond Cars through the years I felt it was something you guys may enjoy too.
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All still images on this page are courtesy of Motorparks and an interactive version can be found at Grange.  So scroll down and enjoy, as you go through the years you will notice that Bond didn't just drive the Astin Martin - a common misconception!

Some of the 60s films saw The Sunbeam Alpine, Bently Drophead, Astin Martin DB5, Lincoln Continental, Toyota 2000 GT and the Aston Martin DBS
60s James Bond films

In the 70s, we saw the beautiful Ford Mustang, 1963 Chevrolet Impala, AMC Hornet the funky Lotus Esprit S1.

Some great cars over those 2 decades wouldn't you agree?  But we're only half way through and we start the 80s with another Lotus Esprit, this time an S3 Turbo, Range Rover Classic, Renault 11 Taxi, the beautiful Astin Martin V8 and the 1988 Lincoln Mark VII

The best of the 90s cars are the BMW Z3, 750iL and the Z8.
Some of the iconic Bond cars of the 90s

The 2000s saw us back with the sexy Astin Martin in the form of the V12 Vanquish, DBS V12 and the DB 10
The best Bond cars of the 2000s

So there we have it!  Some rather sexy look cars in that list aren't there!  Do you have a favourite?  I can't choose between the DB 10's 200MPH or the DB5's ejector seat :-)

Aston Martin Spectre

Sources for the Bond Car Listing

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