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December - the month of new planners and diaries.  That trip down to the stationers and online to find the perfect book, going through many and loving all until you finally find the one that, yep will do everything you want it to do........ and then you have to wait!

Well this year, Stigu have taken all that pressure off me and sent through their rather fabulous 2016 planner.  Now, let's be honest here if this was not everything I wanted in a planner I'd give my review of what it does have to offer but then be straight down WHSmiths to spend 40 minutes in the planner section - true story, I have been known to spend that long in there!

So what makes Stigu the one?  No idea, possibly a combination of many things which I'll list below and you tell me at the end if this does indeed tick all your boxes too?

The book is just slightly larger than A5 in size and is wire bound - always a bonus and is actually the only spine binding I'll buy as I need to be able to flip the pages over and open.

Showing the days of the week in sections with the Stigu Planner
It's a week per page only on the right side with each day divided up into 5 squares/shapes, this I love!  In my organised world, each column will be assigned per plan - be it a blog, parent, son, appointment, random!  For that Stigu, I thank you!

On the left is a huge plan section for notes, reminders, waiting on deliveries, for whatever and this saves me writing on my diary side [It can't just be me that that bothers?]!  The bottom section of this page is the lovely little 'rest and zest' handbook section!   That's the little bit that makes you smile each week, something new, some food for thought and you never know could even be a prompt for a blog post!

It has little tear sections in the bottom right corner so you know where you are in the year, which I've used before, but if I'm honest it's not my favourite type of marker, I do prefer the elastic around the book but a tear strip hasn't stopped me purchase a planner in the past.

The back section has a wad (OK, 16) blank pages which I will find useful for when I'm out or travelling and need to jot down a blog idea, and its when I need to use these pages that I find the spire binding comes into its own.

Finally, the planner as a pocket right at the back which I don't generally use other than to store my fabulous stickers that I now need to buy - Ohh Ohh more stationery!!
Pocket section at the back of the Stigu Planner for more fabulous stationery
A place for more stationery
I've created a little youtube video to show all of the above, as I do love it and if you guys like stationery just a 3rd as much as I do, then I hope you find the video informative and would help if you were thinking of buying a new planner.


If the planner came with a set of stickers to use - I'd probably pee my pants!

So what do you think?  I'm rather in love with it myself!

My fabulous stigu planner

Loving my new Stigu Planner - Just need STICKERS

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