Family Quality Time on a Budget

5 Family Quality time projects to complete on a budget
5 Family Quality time projects to complete on a budget 
For families with children, it can be difficult to plan some quality time together without spending much.  Finding ways to maximise the fun on a minimal budget is certainly challenging. You can save money on numerous activities and necessary equipment by using coupons – for example, there are pretty useful Target promos at that will help you buy most of the items you will need. Other than that, try to remember the following tips. The next time you are pressed for activities and are preparing for quality family time, just consult this handy guide!

1. Spending Time At Home
Sometimes, the easiest way to save money is to stay indoors. In a world where there are numerous ways to access quality entertainment without leaving the house, there is no excuse for frivolous spending.  Renting movies has never been cheaper and a Netflix subscription won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Besides that, you and your family can play board games, work on household projects, or even sit around and just talk (gasp!). 

2. Picnics
Taking the family to a park for a picnic is a great way to get out of the house and avoid spending too much money while you're at it. Instead of heading to a restaurant to consume overpriced food that is far from healthy, why not take your little ones out for some fresh air and nutritious snacks? To make the day, even more, fun, you can also bring a Frisbee or a ball. This allows you and your family to get an impromptu game going after there is no food left. 

Going on a nature trail at the RSPB
Catching some winter sunshine
3. Nature Hikes
Kids often struggle to appreciate nature, especially in modern times, where having a cell phone, tablet, and personal computer is commonplace for most little ones. When you sense that your children are becoming a bit too dependent on their gadgets to have a good time, scheduling a nature hike will serve as a welcome change of page. While your kids may grouse, at first, they are bound to enjoy the fresh air eventually!

4. Bike Rides
In many households, every member of the family has their own bike, but it sits stored somewhere, never being used. There is no need to decide on a specific destination. Sometimes, it can be a lot of fun to just hop on a bike and go wherever life takes you. This is an amazing way to explore your surroundings and it will give your children a great chance to learn more about the neighbourhood in which they live. 

5. Visiting Relatives 
If your children's grandparents live in the area, this is a great option for some low-budget fun. Everyone knows that there is always something great to eat at Grandma's house and it’s nice to visit our relatives even when there is no good reason to do so. Popping in for a visit will make their day and yours, too!

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  1. great ideas. We are loving netflix having resisted it for so long we discovered it last year and it really is good value! Also been enjoying a lot of gaming over christmas as doing bowling on the wii is far cheaper than heading to the bowling alley for example. All the best for 2016! x


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