Review: Smart Network HDD Recorder with Twin HD

My thoughts on the new Panasonic Freeview Play Recorder

This month it's all about the movies and TV shows it appears on my blog, with my 2016 film listing set thanks to the Oscar nominations and this Friday's Fandom post is all about the TV shows I binge-watched due to missing them when they first aired; so now it seems a good time to let you guys know my thoughts on Panasonic's HDD Recorder.

Just before Christmas, we received the new Panasonic Freeview Player to review.  From first appearances, I found this to be very smart and lightweight with a very stylish remote which I was pleasantly surprised by.  For me there is nothing worse than an ugly remote, I tend to hide them away!

Review:  Smart Network HDD Recorder with Twin HD

My views on the Smart Network HDD Recorder with Twin HD

Once plugged in, it's very easy to set up provided you have a quick flick through the instructions at the very least.  I'm a firm believer that instructions should be read, mainly so you get the full benefits of what your recorder can do, and especially something such as this one which offers so much and basically turns a TV into a smart TV at a fraction of the cost!

I love that I have my Netflix and Amazon Prime connected now via our Freeview box and not via 2 separate USB sticks, with the remote programmed to my TV as well I just need the one to flick through the channels, and unlike some set-top boxes, you have the option to record several channels at the same time plus watch the 3rd channel with no disruption.

I've been using my smart network HDD Recorder for several weeks now and it still has the lovely feel to the remote, we roam around within the network watching youtube, Netflix, Amazon and we even play a few of the free games on there.  I haven't set up TV anywhere or the social networking sites such as Twitter as I just feel that the TV screen in a family home is not the place for that, but a different home set such as a bachelor pad may well benefit from it.
The options on the Smart Network HDD Recorder with Twin HD

Overall, I'm very pleased with this product, I love the style of this box, the options it offers and I love that the sleek lovely remote has it's own Netflix button!  Now, just need to find the film Room to watch on Amazon......

The options on the Smart Network HDD Recorder with Twin HD

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