I love stationery because......

My current stationery

Pen Heaven are running a competition, it's a very simple competition, all you need to do is complete their sentence "I love stationery because....."

It's not that easy to answer.

I can't walk passed the stationery store without telling myself that I need a new....... something!  It's usually a pen or a Sharpie.  I don't need more pens or Sharpies, but I love to have a choice.  I love the different colours, feel of the pens, how the ink flows.  Basically, one can never have too many pens!

I love stationery because I love a choice of pens

I also may have more notebooks that I will ever need!  I may have one in each room of the house, my handbag and my car... I love my notebooks, the first page written with a new pen is the best feeling, so crisp and new!

My love of notebooks

I also have more scrapbooking paper than I know what to do with!  It will at some point get used, but this is my 'just in case' pile... doesn't everyone have a just in case pile?

But best of all, my favourite stationery - is when it comes with a free lollipop!
Free lollipops

So, I love stationery because I see these as little affordable treats, that brighten up a mundane office, that give me inspiration when writing a new book for the first time and generally makes me happy!

Can you answer the question so easily?


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