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My kitchen needs a serious makeover and when I saw Tile Mountain are running a blogger competition, I figured this would be the ideal time to create my wish list for my dated old kitchen.
my dated old kitchen
So here's my kitchen, yep, that's it.  A very narrow almost galley type kitchen.  Fortunately, the wall has been knocked down to turn our kitchen into an open plan kitchen / diner, doesn't help with storage but does help with lighting and serving dinner.

But, my dining area, which is also Max's craft room is dominated by the table and fireplace, both of which are black and white with accents of colour - bold, and so this is what I would like in the kitchen area too.

I would like black and white tiles, mainly white with a strip or two of black on the walls and either black or white tiles on the floor.  I'm thinking white - as let's be honest, both show up dirt ;-)

Tile Mountain April Blogger Competition

I would replace the wooden doors with nice clean white ones, with maybe one or two panels painted with chalkboard paint for to do lists, shopping lists or to act as a calendar.

As I mentioned above I would have bold accessories in such a black and white kitchen, and as I'm a geeky blogger, I'm sure the following products will not come as a surprise to some...

My geeky kitchen accessories wish list
Superhero glasses / Butterfly clock / Sesame street eggcups / 
Avenger Salt & pepper / Pac-Man coasters

So that's my ideal kitchen makeover, what do you think?

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