Spending quality time with your children

finding time to spend with your children

As my regular readers know, we are big fans of subscription boxes in our house, and they come in all shapes, sizes and themes, and you may remember my recent post on the lovely little weekend box club that is aimed at children to get creative over a weekend.

The results from a recent survey show some rather interesting facts, such as one-third of UK parents struggle to find an hour a day to spend with their children!

The results of the survey are below and you can see why there is a need in the market for products such as the Weekend Box Club, to help make our parenting lives a little less stressful and a little bit more fun with our children.

They asked their subscribers to complete the questionnaire to get a picture of how parents juggle the balance of quality time with their family and modern day living. The survey of more than 1,200 parents revealed that:

• 98% of parents enjoy quality time with their children
• 98% of parents see the benefits of spending time together
• 98% of parents say enjoying activities together brings them closer
• 95% of children love trying new things with their parents
• 65% of parents struggle to come up with ideas of things to do

Child psychologist Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, seen recently on Channel 4’s ‘Secret Lives of Four Year Olds’, said: “Weekend Boxes are so much more than an activity pack.  They are a genuinely great way to spend time with your children and support their development.”

I couldn't agree more, which is why we love receiving these boxes in our household, and very much worth a try if, like the 98% of parents surveyed, you enjoy spending quality time with your children.

Andy Stephenson who founded the company in 2013, said: “The survey has shown that parents really do want to spend time with their children but just need a helping hand in finding things to do. They want something to hand, something ready and something fun, low cost and stimulating which promotes their child’s development – all of which Weekend Box Club answers for them. Children need time and attention and the benefits to both parents and their children when they can spend time together is priceless.”

Find out more about Weekend Box Club on their Facebook and/or Twitter page.

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