Mother's Day at Ferring Country Centre

This year I knew Mother's Day was going to be tough for me, and because of recent events, I wanted to spend the day with my partner and son, somewhere we'd never been before, somewhere to have afternoon tea, somewhere lovely.

And then I saw the Ferring Country Centre were holding their first Mother's Day afternoon tea service.

And it was perfect!

"Ferring Country Centre is a local independent charity that provides meaningful training and work experience for people with learning difficulties. Our clients develop work and social skills by assisting us with the operation of the Riding Therapy Unit, our Garden Centre, Café, Small Animals Farm and Charity Shop. Clients are also able to participate in a number of community projects, including newspaper collection and gardening services. Our desire is that the work ethos applied at the Centre will enable our clients to move on to work in the community, voluntary or possibly paid employment".

This year was the first year Ferring Country Centre hosted a mother's day afternoon and only charged £8 per person with mummy's getting free entry to the small animal farm!

Ferring Country Centre
I love all three of them

I had a lovely day!  I had a lovely array of sandwiches and cake, a warm friendly service, watched my son and my partner bounce around and saw some beautiful animals.  It was a strange day in that I didn't see my mum, I didn't pop round with Max to wish her happy Mother's Day, but she was never far from my thoughts, and still isn't.

For those who are local to me, I highly recommend a day out at Ferry Country Centre.  It's not huge, it's not fancy, but it is welcoming, it is friendly, it raises money for charity and the children will have loads of fun.... and you might get to meet a cheeky donkey or two.

Cheeky Donkey
My son was rather amused at the donkey sticking his tongue out at him 

Thank you for making my mother's day special this year, hope to see you again soon.


  1. Looks lovely. Glad you enjoyed it, although I feel for how you would be missing your mum. Special days are the hardest

    1. They really are, and not being able to 'just pop in' I'm finding quite hard too. Thanks for the comment x


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