Supporting creative projects through Kickstarter

I am loving Kickstarter!  

For those who may not know what this is, it's a way for artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources needed to make their ideas a reality.  And yes, whilst you do pledge to help these artists & businesses, you do get something in return.

Last month I wrote about a great little company The Teabook who raised $27,687 with 451 backers - smashing their target.

Soon I'll be receiving the first #SherbetBox from the lovely Claire who created a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for her Stationery Mystery subscription Box - and once again, this campaign reached it's target and exceeded it by 561%!! Watch this blog for when my parcel arrives! - eek!

And now, still running is the lovely Message in a Bottle - Personalised children's adventure book campaign.  I've touched on this campaign before, but now it's on KickStarter there is a chance for you to get involved too.
At the time of writing this blog post the campaign has 18 days left to run and € 1,781 funds have been raised - 80% funded already.  If you check out the campaign you will see why it's so popular.  The way this book is personalised is different to the norm.  It doesn't just replace a character's name with your child's name.  The message that Kiki is delivering is personal, it's a letter that you choose for your child and a letter that you will read with your child.

What rewards can you opt for?

Pledges range from €1 to €99 with plenty of options in between.

Pledge €1 or more - CLACKETY CRAB
Every little helps! We’ll send you a bunch of printable children activity sheets in PDF format and the exclusive "Message in a Bottle" wallpaper!

Pledge €22 or more - CHEEKY MONKEY
 A "Message in a Bottle" personalised book is on its way to you along with 5 cool postcards (with a secret surprise) and 3 special edition bookmarks, a bunch of printable children activity sheets in PDF format and the exclusive "Message in a Bottle" wallpaper!

For your generosity you’ll receive a hardcover, gift-wrapped, and personalised copy of Message in a Bottle, an A4 colouring, and activity book , an adorable Kiki soft toy, a deck of memo cards, and a Message in a Bottle bookmark and that's not all! Kiki says she'll also send your child a signed postcard to say thanks!"

So as you can see from the above, for as little as €1 you will receive a reward and the knowledge that you are helping an artist fulfill their dream

Here's wishing Kiki and the team good luck in reaching their goal.

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