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When I was approached by NCC Online and asked if I would like to take up one of their online courses, my immediate thought was YES!! The brain behaves like a muscle that needs exercise after all!

I quite fancied myself as a Forensic Psychologist or a Forensic Scientist!  Obviously, I've watched too much CSI, Criminal Minds and Bones!  The Criminal Profiling courses do look good, but not right now, now is not the time.

For me, I found the perfect course for right now:  Upcycling Diploma

Does that not just scream - "Rach, learn me" :-)

When you have selected the course you want to learn, you are presented with some key options to help you decide if this is the right course for you:

Course Description
Modules - How many and what is involved in each
Previous knowledge required This is key!  No point in started a course that you have not got the prerequisite for.  Fortunately for my upcycling course - none is required.
Awarding Organisation
choosing an upcycling diploma with online learning
My course has 7 modules which must be completed within 12 months, there is no previous knowledge required, the assessment is based on a mix of questions and at the end of the course I will be awarded the Certificate of Achievement by ABC Awards, but more importantly to me - I would have learnt key skills to continue what I currently love doing - Upcycling!

I have so much to learn!

I've set aside my Sunday evenings to learn this, I've already started with Module 1 and by the end of the course maybe you guys will see an improvement in my upcycled projects?

Never stop learning.

I received an online course from NCC Online to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced over the course received.

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