Crafting with Kids over the summer holidays with Epson and Disney #PrintingDory

#PrintingDory - Kids crafts to do with Finding Dory

Last month I was invited up to the Disney store in London to be shown some great craft projects that you can do with your children over the summer holidays.  These crafts are Finding Dory based and if like us you've got plans to see this movie over the holidays - it's a great way to extend the excitement and to talk about the film with the kids.   Find out what they really thought of the film, who is their favourite and what they liked most.

We went and saw Finding Dory on Sunday, when we came home we got the craft materials out and thanks to Epson sponsored #PrintingDory instructions were we able to make Pop-Out Cards, Photo-booth props and an aquarium window.

#PrintingDory Kids Crafts for the summer

#PrintingDory - Destiny

#PrintingDory - Otters

I know what you're thinking - THAT is a lot of ink!  And you're right it is, but the reason why I have been so free with my printing recently with lots of Blue for Dory and black and white for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (not green, Max wanted to colour them in himself) is Epson have a new printer - The EcoTank!

I'm a little in love with this machine!!

As you know we do a lot of crafting at home, colouring-in and printing of certificates so having a printer that has no ink cartridges to replace every other month cost me £20/30 ago, I'm finding myself a bit carefree with the printing!!

Want another 3 printouts of Michelangelo?  All the same?  No problems kid.
Oh, 2 more pictures of Paw Patrol to cut out - sure!

The new EcoTank has enough ink to print out 4,000 pages of black and white or 6,000 of colour!  That is a vast improvement on my current printer.  The machine has a refill section which Epson themselves estimate will take you 2 years to get through!  It's ideal for family fun spending the afternoon creating Dory, Hank and the gang.
#PrintingDory Photo Props

What do I think of the Epson Eco Tank?

Easy to set up.  I followed the instructions on screen rather than the booklet (I know, I surprised myself, I'm such a paper person!).  It took a little while and I don't suggest you set this up if you want to print straight away!  The ink cartridge section takes 20 minutes to configure.
Epson ink that will last 2 years

Prints fast!  That's what you want with little ones, and the quality is great.

It has scanning, copy and fax options but my favourite option, and I've been using this more than I really need.... you can set the printer to have its own email address and send it emails.  I love this!!  I have tickets that I need printing (I did say I'm a paper girl) and I forwarded the email to the printer and it printed the attachment immediately, so whilst I was out, the printer was at work.

It's changed how I look at craft projects for Max.  Without the worry of the ink running out or saving the ink for more important documents, you can have Disney printouts faster than the kids can change their minds.
Epson Eco Tank Printer

I recommend looking up the Epson Eco Tank the next time you're looking to purchase a printer if you want to print out craft projects and not have to worry about the amount of sea blue that image has on it - then Eco Tanks would definitely be the way to go.

Finally, let me know if you're going to try out any of the #PrintingDory projects - the Origami ones are a bit of a handful!  Full instructions can be found on the Inspired. Disney website and you can also download a copy from here.

Have fun


  1. Gosh I didn't know you could get printers that didn't use cartridges. I never seem to have a spare when mine runs out. We haven't seen the film yet

    1. The film's good, Max got a bit itching by the end, but the printer has ink to last approx 2 years, brilliant idea


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