How to arrange a perfect bedroom

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I am a strong believer that the bedroom should be a place of relaxation.  Mine is my go to place when I just want to chill out, listen to my music, write, or read a book, and I have to admit, it's probably my favourite room in the house!  So what are my top 5 tips for a perfect bedroom?

Bed Linin

For me, freshly washed, line dried linen is the best feeling ever.  If I could I would have my linen washed, dried and ironed daily just to give me that snuggle freshness feeling each evening.  Obviously, that is never going to happen in my house unless I win the lotto and get a housekeeper, but it is advised to wash bed linen on a two-week cycle, with at least 2 sets to rotate.

Dressing Table

Make a statement with a beautiful dressing table!  I find a dressing table can set off your personality and your style perfectly.   Iain James furniture is ideal for your traditional or antique design, glasses or character design for the more modern or contemporary. The design choice are endless.


This is a must!  From Wardrobes to ottomans, I have several storage units in my bedroom as I'm not one for a mess and everything needs to have a place.  I can't relax if I've got books on the side, blankets on the chair, clothes dotted around.  If it's all put away, it adds to the tone of the room, relaxing.


There is no doubt that lighting creates a chilled mood and fairy lights are very much on trend, and with the right covering or set up can be the perfect finishing touches to any bedroom.  I've added a few of my favourites to my lighting board on Pinterest - the ideal place for dreaming up that perfect bedroom.

No TV!

I know this is a bit of a shocker, but for me, my ideal room has no place for a TV, and whilst we do have a TV in our room I'm not a fan, lets face it, how many of us put it on late at night and fall asleep with it playing away only to wake up at the crucial bit at the end.... tell me it's not just me!

It would appear, I'm not the only one who finds my bedroom relaxing......

What are your top tips for a perfect bedroom?
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  1. Definitely agree about regularly changing bed linen. I always cringe when I hear on the radio surveys which reveal people who don't change bed linen for about 6 months. Yuck.
    And my top tip is whenever your wardrobe reaches bursting capacity, sort through your clothes and get rid of stuff you won't wear again.

    1. 6 months?! No way!!
      I had a rule... which last about 2 weeks, 1 thing in the house 1 thing must leave...


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