Alternative ideas for wedding dress designers and styles


It is meant to be one of the most important days in a bride’s life and a lot of effort is put into choosing a stylish wedding dress that not only suits the bride but will be memorable also.

The dress will, undoubtedly, be the centre of lots of attention and be photographed by everyone.
This means many brides want to spend more than they would normally on an outfit and spend time finding the ideal wedding dress for their big day which means there is scope for a wide range of wedding dress styles as well as designers.
Indeed, for anybody looking for alternative ideas when it comes to their wedding dress, there's a good selection of designers willing to create something unusual and memorable without resorting to corsets and giant tulle skirts.
While many brides will opt for a big wedding dress, just as many want something rather different but which retains the style and elegance without the acres of material that some big dresses appear to use.
Among the wedding dress designers in this field is Charlie Brear who is growing in popularity and there’s also the Kalita label which is creating unusual and eye-catching silk and cotton dresses that are not only chic but also make for an ideal dress for a beach wedding.
It should also be noted that their creations have a reasonable price tag so would be an ideal choice for those who are heading overseas to marry and want to do it on a budget but retain style and elegance.

After Kate Middleton's wedding dress set a new trend for Chantilly lace, many designer wedding dresses now use it to create style and grace which makes finding something unusual slightly difficult.
One alternative is to opt for a Boho style dress and the collection of Rue de Seine is worth a close look. Their latest collection consists of excellent bridal gowns that have a relaxed look to make the bride look elegant.
For those who are looking for a similar Boho wedding look with a twist then the likes of Laure De Sagazan and Katya Shehurina have pretty creations.
Indeed, many brides do like the laid-back look for their designer dress rather than having to wear a corset and a strapless gown which makes the work of Rime Arodky and Alice Temperley stand out from the crowd.

Essentially, these alternative wedding dress designers create style and elegance while helping the bride to look demure and trendsetting in a fantastic looking bridal gown.


  1. there's so much excitement around choosing the right dress! x

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