Christmas Mornings with Treetopia

When I was younger the choices you had with regard to owning a Christmas tree were - real or a green artificial.  So I absolutely love that there are so many choices these days, with the white tree being my favourite - or so I thought!
White Christmas Tree
White Christmas Tree - image courtesy of Treetopia
Treetopia is an artificial Christmas tree company that offers a wide array of high-quality colourful and traditional Christmas trees.  Trees such as flatback perfect for space saving to the beautifully coloured trees such as silver sixpence trees.

Silver Branch Sixpence tree from Treetopia

When I received my tree, I was thrilled!  As I said, I loved my white trees in the past and have never really thought about changing, but searching through Treetopia's website I was totally spoilt for choice as to what colour, size and thickness to have!

Our Christmas Tree Traditions

Our tree traditions are to have our tree up before my partner's birthday - a tradition we carried on from when he was a child.  Each year I purchase a new tree decoration for my son (usually with his name on), so now we have 5 special baubles, and finally I decorate the tree to how I want it (OCD in me) take a photo... and then let my son put whatever he wants on there - which is why my tree ends up with a scooby doo beanbag and Stormtrooper plushes!

Scooby in the Christmas Tree

Sixpence Silver Treetopia Tree

I love my tree, I don't believe any of my photos are doing it justice either.  This silver narrow tree comes in 6 different options!  4', 6' and 7.5' with each of the heights with or without lights.

I have the 7' tree so it came in 3 sections with a clear label on each so there is no getting frustrated putting the tree together, and as the poles slot into place the branches just need the gentlest of nudges to fall into place.

The lights all connect up in the middle, I did find the bottom section a bit of a fiddle to connect up, but once I'd loosened the wire it connected into place nicely.

Treetopia have a lovely array of trees and I'm sure you'd be able to find a tree that you adore, the variety is very very varied.

So this is how our tree stands today, sometimes with Scooby, sometimes with a Stormtrooper - but hopefully always full of memories for my son to look back on fondly.

Do you have a favourite tree?

I received the sixpence silver tree from Treetopia to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received

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