Stigu Planners 2017

Stigu 2017 Planner Review

Stigu are beautiful planners with a difference.  Designed with our wellbeing in mind, these A5 sized books are to help us get organised, take time outs for ourselves and to rediscover our zest for life!

I know, tall order right?  But I love these planners.  A lot of thought has gone into creating a diary to cover all these aspects!  The right side of each page is your week to view planner, with no less than 5 columns to get yourself organised with.

Stigu 2017 5 column planner

The left side has been left blank for notes, to-do lists, drawings and pretty much anything you fancy.  I use mine to note down what I need to buy and what deliveries I'm expecting.

Zest and Rest Pages in the Stigu Planner

The left side of the pages also has notes and mini rest ideas and practices, such as how to take a power nap....
How to practice taking a power nap

Apart from the fact it's beautiful quality, spiral bound and helps with stress, my favourite feature as I mention in my video - are the tear-off strips in the bottom corners.  I LOVE this idea.

Stigu Planner tear off

This year Stigu have designed 3 planners; Stigu Hardcover, Multicoloured spiral bound and my favourite, turquoise spiral bound.   The planners can be purchased via Amazon* for £16.90 and this year, there are also STICKERS!.


You can also see my review of the wonderful Stigu Planner on my youtube channel:
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I received a Stigu Planner to review.
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