Hello Speech Bubble Wall Light by Litecraft

Litecraft speech bubble wall light

Thanks to the lovely people over at Litecraft - I now have the most beautiful new wall light for my craft room!  A great Hello Speech Bubble wall light - which is so stunning with the lights on!

Hello bubble light lit

Hello speech Bubble Wall Light 

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised when I received my light, it is far bigger than I originally imagined and can see why it costs £68 from LiteCraft.

The light is incredibly lightweight and has a lead running from the back of the sign to the mains, it's a good length but will ultimately assist you with where you place this light.

I was happy enough with the light once it was fitted to my craft wall and is certainly what the wall was missing but I may have let out a little squeal when I turned the lights on, as the effect is far better than I could have imagined, and whilst my image above gives you a good idea of how lovely this light is, it doesn't show them off to their full potential.

Litecraft wall light lit

Who is Litecraft?

Litecraft is a bespoke lighting company who have a unique selection of limited edition lights ranging from table lamps to ceiling pendants.  There are floor lamps, ceiling lights, easy-fit pendants and tamp lamps with styles for each Home Decor and personality.

Given my slightly quirky taste, I was very pleasantly surprised to see such a choice for me, and I actually struggled to narrow down a favourite in the Speech Bubble light!  Have a look at my Pinterest board for my favourites, and do let me know if you love these lights too!

Finally, I thought I'd give you all a quick tour of my craft room/storage room/laundry room - mainly to show off my new light, to help show how illuminating my lights really are.

So that's my stunning wall light, I'd be most interested to hear your thoughts on my light too.

Take Care

Hello Speech Bubble is a great addition to any craft room with Rachaeljess.com

I received the Speech Bubble Wall Light from Litecraft to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by the product received.

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