Declutter and Redesigning the Bedroom

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This year I'm going to try and complete the 365 Declutter challenge, or at least keep up until we reach the Bedroom!  Our bedroom needs an overhaul, and once the wardrobes and drawers have been sorted and decluttered I need to turn my focus on the style of the room and how I'd like to decorate one of my favourite rooms for the next 7 years.

New Mattress every 7 Years

I often hear on the radio to change your mattress after 7 years, and whilst this is not a cheap item to purchase, the reason for the suggestion is because a mattress may not give you the best comfort after 7 years, and as you can see from one of my favourite pictures - we sometimes have visitors on our bed and for that I prefer the pocket sprung mattress over the memory foam ones, I really can't get on with them.


Part of the declutter program is to have 3 boxes when you start.  One for charity, one for dumping and one for selling.  I've always been amazed at just how much clutter I can accumulate!  Once a room has to be sorted, what remains needs a home, and I want to invest in some new storage for the bedroom and I love Amara's Componibili Storage Unit - it reminds me so much of my mother's single unit we used to have; I'm still missing her right now.


In the winter months, I find I retire upstairs far earlier in the evening than during summer, mainly because the downstairs of my house is rather cold whereas the bedrooms are warm and snug.

Therefore, I want to invest in some lighting to reflect this.  I'm undecided at this time whether to use fairy lights draped across the back wall or to use lights in mason jars - or maybe a bit of both!

I'm still working on clearing out my kitchen; as I said at the start I'm trying to stick to the 365 declutter program, and I think it's because of my design for my bedroom I'm sticking with the program!

Do you have any projects or plans to declutter this year?


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