Home Date Night for Valentines Day

I find there are 2 types of people who celebrate Valentines.  Those who enjoy a meal out and those who have kids.....

Gone are the days that I want to be romanced; where I want to spend a few hours getting ready, be picked up not knowing where I'm going only to be spoilt with a night out, wine and presents.  These days, a little effort goes a long way.  I'm settled and I'm happy so this to me is how Valentines Day at home would be that little bit more special.


One of my favourite lighting styles at the moment is the cinematic light boxes which are very on point and what a perfect way to leave a message for the one you love.  I actually have one of these on my wish list, so that would tick 2 boxes for me.

Cooked meal

This is the winner, a Valentine's Day meal.  I love having a meal cooked for me.  I do the majority of the cooking at home, and I'm not a big fan of cooking.  I love the idea of relaxing and sipping wine whilst the aroma of steak floats out from the kitchen.

Movie night snuggle up

No matter how much seating you may have in your lounge, there is nothing better than snuggling up to watch a movie, but the trick is to find something you'll both enjoy.   It doesn't need to be a RomCom to enjoy your evening.  If it's not Disney or Pixar then I'm rather partial to a zombie movie.

Sleepover at grandparents/family/friends

If you can pull this one off then your evening is set!  As a parent, we all know that means we can crash out on the sofa halfway through Zombieland and not worry about listening out for the patter of little feet coming downstairs or even better - having your bed all to yourself, you could even spread out!

Find your weird

But most importantly, find someone who loves you and your weirdness.  I have this, so much so the Instagram post below is my birthday card from last year..... which I also received this year, yes the exact same one and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now, where's my lampshade

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Do let me know what little things make your day special.  Kiss on the forehead?  A little note in your lunchbox?  It all counts.


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