Buster & the Brighton RSPCA

At Christmas, we had to say goodbye to my beloved Athena.  My 15-year-old Staffie who, with her brother who I'd lost a few years earlier, had seen me through some really rough times as well as some great times.

I love those two dogs, and whilst I have a lively fun loving 5 years old, my home felt empty when I came home of a lunchtime and no furbaby to greet me, or when I'd go out and not say "goodbye, be a good girl" and give her a biscuit.  No snuggles on the sofa with my foot warmer.

Dogs are not replaceable, they each have their own unique character and Maliki was so different to his sister Athena.  But we had room in our hearts to help another furbaby, we had the home and the time to give to another dog, and so, at the end of January, we embarked on the journey of adopting a rescue dog.

I had thought about getting a puppy, but for 2 main reasons, I didn't.   Firstly, I don't believe in buying a dog when there are so many in kennels - puppies as well as adult dogs, and secondly,  I have a 5-year-old, who is not ready to help train a dog when he himself is still learning!

We visited the RSPCA in Brighton and I wanted to take home every.single.dog!  It's such a hard process, to visit the dogs and see them all in their kennels waiting for someone to take them home and love them and treat them with care.

There were 5 Staffies in the kennels.  Staffies take longer to rehome thanks to all the negative press and misconception people have of them!   I wanted them all, unfortunately, a lot of Staffies don't like to live with each other, it's not their fault, it's just the way they are, and whilst I would have loved to take home 2, we settled for the beautiful, well-mannered gentle dog known as Buster 2.

We have been so lucky with him, he's so well behaved, knows a lot of commands, guards the house and loves a ball!

The process with the RSPCA is to register with them and get a home visit completed first.  The home visits are done by volunteers so you must bare that in mind when trying to book an appointment, it needs to fit around your schedule and theirs, and everyone who lives in the house must be home when the visit occurs.

Once the form is complete you take that to the RSPCA with you whenever you pop by to visit, and once you settle on a dog you then get to take him/her for a walk or two, and when you are sure and when you are ready, get to adopt your new furbaby.

Buster does not replace my Athena and Maliki.  Buster is his own character, he will be loved just like my previous furbabies and he will grow up with a crazy little dude who loves him very very much.



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