Making a Living By Being Creative

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When people used to ask me what I wanted to do after leaving school I used to shrug my shoulders and answer ‘something creative’. This was often met an eye roll and a comment that I must not plan on making any money at all then. Though creative jobs may not be the most reliably well-paid career choices (with some exceptions), it is not an unquestionable truth that you can’t make a good living whilst being creative, despite what you may have been told.

My first piece of advice for landing the career of your dreams is to use the Internet for research and to make connections. Read blogs offering advice and find local vacancies in the field you are interested in. Here are some tips for ways in which you can use your creative talents to make money in various fields.

Start a Crafting Business

With rapidly growing online crafter demand, selling handcrafted products can be an extremely lucrative career. Starting your own crafting business is pretty user-friendly. There are a variety of websites where you can set up your own shop for free, reaping the benefits of self-employment.

First, you must choose your product. You should specialise in one thing or one collection of things if you try too many things you will get bogged down and lack quality in the long run. Once you have narrowed down your product idea, the fun part is choosing a name and online vendor. Once you have done this you should make sure you have a business plan. You must have a strong sense of creativity but also be business savvy when starting your own business, whatever the field. Don’t be afraid to ask others in the industry for advice, networking either face to face or online can be extremely useful.

Make Money Blogging

Blogging is something so many people do and even do well when they put their time and effort into it. There are plenty of ways to make money once you have established your blog. Some of these things include accepting advertising and seeking out advertisers. You can give tips for reviews and giveaways, and companies will pay you for the advertising if you seek them out. This doesn’t happen overnight, however, so be prepared to put the work in as in the long run you will have created a full-time job without realising it.

Commit to Your Writing

Writing can be an extremely rewarding career and there are opportunities to make money from it. In order to do this, you must research the ways in which you can be a profitable writer. This means honing your craft and committing to spending hours everyday writing. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing a full day’s work- you have to create your own timetable, and stick to it.

Making Money With Makeup

If you have a passion for doing makeup, there are many ways in which you can make money doing it. Most of this requires hard work in learning the craft, practising like crazy on any willing volunteers, and then creating a portfolio of work, like any artist. After this is done, you should prepare to become a businessperson, make business cards and network. If you do the work you will sow the benefits.

Guest Post was written by Mary Johnson

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