Turning a child's tears into smiles from minor cuts and scrapes

How to turn tears into smiles when your child has a minor cut or scrape #TearsIntoSmiles Challenge

Whenever my son scrapes his knee or has a minor cut from falling over, (usually from running too fast or not quite watching where he's going) it's my job as his mummy to soothe away the tears.  I'm not one for telling my son not to cry, or to man up.  If he hurts himself he's going to cry, so what I focus on instead is how I can turn those tears into smiles.

Britmums have teamed up with Elastoplast and set a #TearsIntoSmiles Challenge.  They want to know what are the best strategies to soothe and cheer a child.

My top 3 tips for turning tears into smiles

Distraction & Imagination

I have found that if I don't rush over, arms waving, crying out 'OMG are you ok' I get a much less worried little boy, so instead walk over (speed walking is OK...), check the wound, clean and cover and then, whilst you're down there with your child, look at the world from their view.

Are there any bugs you can point out, get right down in the grass "Oh look, a beetle, do you think he's off to play with his friends"....., you'll be amazed at their imagination!  Or look up to the sky, lay back and point out the clouds and see what shapes you can make.


One of the quickest ways to stop my son crying was to fall over myself!  If he's been running really fast and falls, I'd walk over to him but stumble as I went and roll around and generally make an idiot of myself and my boy would be in fits of laughter!   We'd clean his wound and he'd be off as fast as the plaster was on.

Another would be trying to get the plasters out the box and have them popping out, then jumping around whilst I'd try and catch them and oops they're off again.  It's rather nice to see him smiling by the time the plaster is put on.

Choice of Plaster

This one I discovered more recently.  When a child has a "baddy", if you ask them who they want on their leg, oh this stops tears, Olaf or Elsa.... that's a big decision, this happened to us in the park a couple of weeks ago, and my friend's little girl ended up going home with 4 plasters on her arms and legs..... she only actually had 1 baddy, the others were apparently hurts..... we just couldn't see them!

With the above tips in mind, we always try to have happy play outdoors, whether it's learning to ride a bike without stabilisers [Yes, I may have wanted to take the full first aid kit for that day]!  Or having a break from watching and hunting all the wildlife in the garden (it's meant to have that many weeds......) and playing some garden games.

That being said, if you don't have a garden or space, why not take a few garden games up to the local green.  We do this near where my son's school is, and this is always a winner, as not only do we have fun as a family, but often other children are there and join in.

Top Tip  If you belong to your child's year group on Facebook, put a shout out on there next time you're planning on going to a green or park, beach or woodlands, with the time and date inviting other parents to come along, and maybe bring some games too.

That way, there is no pressure of commitment, other families who were wondering what to do for the day will pop along, and it ends up a great big fun outdoor play date.

Finally, if you're feeling really adventurous, you could always try and turn your child's tears into a miniature watercoloured picture!  This is exactly what the amazingly talented Lorraine Loots has done with these children.......  This is rather beautiful to watch.

Whatever your tactics are to help your child turn their tears into smiles, it's most important that our children are outside in the first place, having fun, making memories.

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.http://campaigns.elastoplast.net/plastermoments/uk”


  1. I love your comedy ideas. We did this challenge too. Good luck

  2. Great post and BritMums thank you for taking part.


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