Scrummies whole fruit free from snacks are they scrummy?

Last week I was contacted by James from Clearly Scrumptious and asked if we'd like to sample their new children's snack range Scrummies.

Fruit snacks on the go..... summer holidays..... yes please!

Who are Clearly Scrumptious

Clearly Scrumptious is the brainchild of two Yorkshire lads James and Rick, who struggled to find scrumptious healthy treats to keep up energy levels and morale when out running in the Yorkshire Dales.

Passionate about making treats that are natural and free-from, and hoping to help more people eat just a little bit better and with a clear health message that is easy to understand and at affordable prices - Clearly Scrumptious was born and thus in 2012 the first bags were sold.
Clearly Scrumptious healthy fruit snacks for grown ups

What about Scrummies

Scrummies are cranberry and raisin-based snack mixed with natural fruit flavours and aimed at kids, as a healthy snack to add to a lunch box or when you're on the go.  The packs boast of no added sugar, sulphite free and wheat, gluten and dairy free.  These snack packs also count as 1 of your five a day.

Scrummies for kids

Scrummies taste test from a 5-year-old

My son is OK with fruits, loves his peppers and anything spicy and reasonably OK with vegetables, so I'm very fortunate I don't really have a picky eater, it just depends on what mood he's in!   More importantly, it's getting the right foods in him!

Armed with my Scrummies I asked my son to taste each of the 3 flavours and let me know which packs he'd like to take on his days out that week.
Taste testing Scrummies healthy snacks - with a 5 year old

Strawberry flavoured dried cranberries and raisin were first up, and went down very well.  We were meant to 'sample' the packet but he ate the lot, so we had to reschedule the remaining taste testing for later on in the day!

Blueberry flavoured dried cranberries and raisins, well that came out as fast as it went in.  I'm not surprised, my son doesn't like blueberries so I was quite impressed that the flavour must match or at the very least be similar.

Raspberry flavoured dried cranberries and raisin were nice, not his favourite but he's since taken these to Legoland with him and quite happily ate them whilst in the queue for Ninjago.

Strawberry flavoured dried cranberries and raisins from Scrummies - perfect snack for kids on the go

He did also try some of the Clearly Scrumptious range, but to be honest, he wasn't a fan and asked for just Scrummies.

I feel the Clearly Scrumptious range is more for adults and the packets went down very well with my taste testers at work.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the apple and strawberries the most.

What a perfect combination really.   My son is more likely to sample and eat his food if he sees I have the same and I believe Clearly Scrumptious covers that perfectly.

Still, a fairly new brand but already making progress in the supermarkets and a multi-pack of Scrummies (5 x 20g) can be purchased from Morrisons for £2.00.

If you want to know more about Scrummies you can read about them on Clearly Scrumptious website or follow them on the usual social media channels.

I received samples of Scrummies to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received.


  1. It is interesting how children react to the flavours of these type of products. I've just done a review of Nim's kids range Fruit & Veg crisps and ended up having to eat the courgette ones myself

    1. Oh you are good! I'm not a fan of blueberries either, so they went to work!


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