My results on £5 Christmas Challenge

It can be hard to find fun, interesting gifts for the people on your list, from the kids to teachers to cousins and neighbours and especially if you're like me and on a tight budget.

This is where Sports Direct come in, they have challenged a group of bloggers to find presents from their website for £5 or under.

If I'm honest, I thought this was going to be a rather tough challenge, but to my surprise, it was rather easy!
Sports Direct Christmas Challenge - gifts for under £5

A little about is not just football boots and inexpensive trainers.  It features fashion brands, leisurewear and more!  Because of its buying power, is able to get products you’d expect to pay more for elsewhere.  Their range of £5 gifts for Christmas means you can shop for family, friends, teachers even your book-club buddies for less!

My #SDFiverChallenge Purchases

The two items I chose for the challenge were both for my 6-year-old boy.

Monkey Tree: I bought this as it is similar to our Kerplunk game which was broken last year, and as a stroke of luck my boy has been playing this at school so he took great pleasure in explaining the rules of the game to me.

I purchased this game for £5 from the Sports Direct Christmas Toy section.

The second purchase is the one that I am totally blown away with!

Slida Ball: This item is marketed as safe indoor fun!  I am sure you parents out there are the same as me and banned football being played indoors.  Footballs are hard, solid, and sometimes extremely fast and the thought of my lounge being trashed by a sliced ball makes me shiver.

So it's not surprising that I was a bit apprehensive about this toy!

It's fab!  It looks quite strange if I'm honest, it's half a ball, but the flat half is super slippery and designed to slide across the floor and the top half - that's made of some form of sponge and will not damage anything.  I am really impressed with this ball and especially as it's currently only £3.99 on their website.

My Top picks from

I think you'll be quite surprised at the number of items Sports Direct actually have on offer for under £5 and just on the ball alone, I'm rather impressed with the quality and design of this toy.

Based on my 6-year-old lad I thought I'd put together my top gifts I think he'd enjoy for under £5.

My picks are obviousy centered around my son, but it is not limited to children and toys, there are sections for both men and women too so you could get a lot of your shop completed online in one store but just remember there will be a £5 delivery charge, even if you select pick up at store, they do offer a £5 voucher to be redeemed if you do opt for store pick up, so another present could be crossed off your list!

Are there any items you feel you would purchase for under £5 from

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